Aleesha McQuilton


My name is Aleesha, and I am based in Shepparton. My beautiful family consists of my three children Ruby, Harvey, and Ellie, and my husband Aidan.

My photography career began in 2015, and after working in the field for a year, I noticed a gap in the videography market. After many years of experience, I now love alternating between both creative industries. I have captured more than 150 weddings, and each wedding still makes me as excited as the first.

I enjoy the diverse range of work that I do, ranging from photographing and filming weddings, to producing commercial projects and keeping the world connected through our live stream services.

Aidan McQuilton


After completing a Bachelor in Information Technology, Aidan has worked in the IT industry for 12 years. Aidan has a great understanding on all things cloud from backup and photo/video delivery which makes him a huge asset behind the scenes of McQuilton Productions.
He ensures maintenance of our computer and camera equipment, data storage, and manages the accounting and finance aspect of the business. Aidan is also a skilled videographer, and is available to work alongside Aleesha so that simultaneously we can provide photography and multi-angle videography coverage at your event. 
During his free time Aidan enjoys playing cricket in the summer months, going on family adventures and restoring or building objects for around the home. Aidan is brilliant at fitting in with the crowd throughout your event always with a smile on his face, and discretely capturing moments that you won’t remember or even notice happened.

Skyla Hicks


Skyla joined our team in 2021. She has a passion and background in photography, and has quickly developed amazing skills to join forces as a sought after videographer and live stream technician.

In 2022, Skyla upskilled to become one of our editors. She has a knack for choosing the perfect audio from your day and weaving it into your highlight film to perfectly tell your love story. Her bubbly personality means she will fit in perfectly with your bridal and vendor crew.

In her spare time, Skyla enjoys spending time with family and friends, shopping, and exploring nature through bushwalks and 4WDing.

Combined Photography and Videography

When you book a combined package with us, Aleesha covers your photography, and Aidan
covers your videography. If you didn’t already know, we are the ultimate husband and wife team!

All photographers and videographers have ways that they prefer to work in terms of how to pose you, where to position and set up cameras, where and when they use flash, how much movement they capture in the portraits etc.
Although we are only happy to adapt our workflow to suit other creatives, ultimately at timesthis can alter our ideal worfklow we normally use.

It goes without saying that the more you work with someone, the better you work with each other, right? Well, Aidan and I are a well-oiled machine! We know exactly where the other person is going to be and when, and how we can work together to get the most perfect shot for both the photo and the video. We can discuss our game plan for your wedding over our cup of tea on the couch, ha!

Ultimately, we love spending the day together capturing love, and it makes your life easier just organising your day with us. In addition, although a combined package is a large (but worthy) investment, you will still see a saving in the overall budget as compared to hiring two separate entities.

The videos and images are edited by Aleesha, to keep our final products consistent to match the story telling, and warm and vibrant picture style that we always produce.