Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find an answer to your question in the below, please feel free to get in touch with us directly using the form on our contact page, calling or emailing. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you travel?
Sure! We love experiencing new areas all around Victoria and beyond. Our most popular wedding destination is Echuca Moama, where there are so many beautiful resorts. We do charge a travel fee for weddings and photoshoots outside of Shepparton, our travel fees vary from location to location. Feel free to inquire about the price of a travel fee to your wedding destination.
Can you live stream my wedding ceremony?

We can add livestreaming to your wedding ceremony, providing that the location of your wedding has sufficient reception coverage. We can discuss this further with you prior to deciding whether you would like to add this to your package or not.

My husband does not like having his photos taken, will it be intrusive?
McQuilton Productions uses a prompt not pose approach. This is where we have you doing actions rather than telling you where to put your hand and head and to raise your chin and say “cheese”. Although sometimes slight instructions are necessary to make an image work better, we basically stand back and tell you to do silly things like “pretend to kidnap your wife”, “sniff his ear”, “whisper a secret”, “walk and talk to each other and bump hips”. These sort of prompts bring out natural laughter and smiles and make for beautiful candid images. The response I usually get from families and couples is that their photoshoot was fun.
How long will it take to receive my images/video edits?

We cannot provide you with an exact time frame as there are many factors influencing editing time including what package you have purchased and how much work we have at the time. As a rough guide, for wedding photography, we will try to release “sneak peek” images of your wedding day within the first week after your wedding, and we expect you to receive all edited images approx. 1-2 months after your wedding date. For videography we expect to deliver a first review of your wedding highlight video within 4 weeks of your wedding, and final edits 2-3 months after your wedding date. Portrait photoshoots estimate a turnover of around 3 weeks.

Where do you recommend having my images printed?

Professional quality images deserve professional quality printing. We devote a lot of time colour grading your images in a way that suits them, and unfortunately your local department store printers do not have the quality resources to match colours, and often your images will look totally different printed than on screen. We have a subscription to a professional printing company that offer prints, canvases, framing and photo albums that will do your images just. Once you receive your gallery of images we can work with you to order your desired products.